[clamav-users] UN-Installing ClamXav Mac

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Oct 29 14:21:52 EDT 2016

Am 29.10.2016 um 19:50 schrieb G.W. Haywood:
> SSDs have a deservedly poor reliability reputation, and when they fail
> they tend not to fail gracefully, a few sectors at a time, like discs
> often do, but - instead - by going 100% unreadable somewhere inbetween
> consecutive CPU clock cycles with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

i call that FUD

other than a HDD flash media *typically* is completly readable but 
refuses to write a single byte - had more than one SD card with that 
behavior which even burned a confused smartphones card-reader down 
because overheating of the device (full battery empty within 30 minutes)

i was able to read them without any issue

they just did not write anything but confirmed every write access (which 
likely was the reason of device overheating when read/write never 
matches and no device error)

they confrimed format them with ext2, ext3, ext4, fat32, xfs, overwrite 
them with "dd" and after pull out and insert again all data where still 

and frankly one must show me any flash storage in real life which was 
completly unreadable from one moment to the other - there me be rare 
cases but if you had one of them don't confuse your single expierience 
with "that is how a SSD acts"

> If you have anything that's important to you on your SSD which isn't
> *already* backed up, then you might want to get yourself a couple of
> large USB memory sticks to take care of that.  Right now.

again FUD: if you have *anything* that's important and you have no 
backup it's not important and can be lost in the next second - "on your 
SSD" has no place in that statement

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