[clamav-users] Feature request: show checksums of virus databases on the clamav.net website

Alexey Salmin alexey.salmin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 12:21:31 EDT 2016

Sorry if this had been proposed before, nothing showed up in my search.

I suggest to display checksums (MD5, SHA or both) on the website next
to CVD download links on the www.clamav.net/downloads page. This will
provide a user with:
1) A simple way to check if files were updated since the last
download. It takes time to fetch the main.cvd. I realize that this
should be possible with a custom HTTP query but it's not convenient in
case you're simply using a browser to get the file.
2) A quick and a standard way to validate the integrity of the file,
without going into CVD internals and digital signatures.

Thank you,

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