[clamav-users] how to avoid false positive in clamAV

Gaurav Kumar Garg gaurav.garg at uniscon.de
Wed Apr 5 04:49:07 EDT 2017

Hi ClamAV user, developer,

I am new to clamAV. I like its design.

While scanning i saw few false positive virus. I search on internet and 
found out that i can avoid these false positive by writing md5 sum to 
local.ign file and putting this file in /var/lib/clamav/*  directory. 
then restarting clamd daemon.

Its partially working, means it working when i scan false positive file 
with clamscan -d and its not working with clamdscan.

Steps for creating local.ign file:

$ sigtool --md5  my_file_name.exe >> local.ign

after that i put this file in /var/lib/clamav/* directory and restarted 
clamd daemon.

when i execute $ clamscan -d /var/lib/clamav/local.ign my_file_name.exe 
then its not reporting false positive, its working perfectly.

But when i scan this file using clamdscan then its still reporting false 

Could anyone help me regarding this false positive avoidance.

I can not submit my false positive file because of some business ethics 
and compliance.

Thank you in advance,



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