[clamav-users] clamav antivm.yar malicious_document.yar and errors

Rejaine Monteiro rejaine at bhz.jamef.com.br
Wed Apr 5 10:52:59 EDT 2017


I thought there might be some solution other than just disabling Yara. 
But the project does not seem to be 100% compatible with Clamav yet, 
then I will follow the instruction and disable it.


Em 05-04-2017 11:47, Steve Basford escreveu:
> On Wed, April 5, 2017 3:24 pm, Rejaine Monteiro wrote:
>> Hello, I'm having some errors with these signatures in clamav-0.99.2.
>> Any tips on what it is about or how to solve?
> See here: 3rd Party download script:
> https://github.com/extremeshok/clamav-unofficial-sigs/issues/151

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