[clamav-users] Identify Threat Risk Level with ClamAV

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at cisco.com
Fri Apr 14 11:28:40 EDT 2017

Wouldn’t all malware be a large risk?

Joel Esler | Talos: Manager | jesler at cisco.com<mailto:jesler at cisco.com>

On Apr 14, 2017, at 12:47 AM, crazy thinker <crazythinker91 at gmail.com<mailto:crazythinker91 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi ClamAV Developers,Users

I know that ClamAV is a very powerful anti-virus scanner.i am looking for
the feature of threat risk level(high,low,medium) with ClamAV

ClamAV Development Team,

you guys have ideas on implementing this feature in upcoming relesases of

i would like to contribute to implement this feature.. could anyone of you
give a brief idea on how to implement it with ClamAV Virus Scanner

for an example

if Y threat is found on X Machine,

i have to represent the scan result of file with  Virus Attributes

*Virus Name  VirusFamily  RiskLevel*

Crazy Thinker
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