[clamav-users] Question about LibClamAV

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Apr 17 08:55:49 EDT 2017

Am 17.04.2017 um 14:36 schrieb crazy thinker:
> Hi ClamAV Developers, Users
> Sorry.. i missed proper info in my previous mail thread.. please find
> correct info  below
> I have compiled the ClamAV source code  on Mac OS X and  investigating
> libclamav.dylib and libclamav.7.dylib internal files information for  my
> curiousity.. Surprisingly   i got below info when i ran grep  with some
> pattern
> *admin-macbookPro-2:clamav-devel-0.99.2 tringappsinc$ grep -ir "This file
> was created by ClamAV for internal use and should not be run"*
> *Binary file ./libclamav/.libs/libclamav.7.dylib matches*
> *Binary file ./libclamav/.libs/libclamav.dylib matches*
> *Binary file ./libclamav/.libs/libclamav_la-rebuildpe.o matches*
> *Binary file ./libclamav/.libs/libclamav_la-upx.o matches*
> i still don't understand why those above binary files contains that
> pattern(that i mentioned above) even though   single source file of ClamAV
> Codebase doesn't have that kind of pattern . From where this pattern
> appending to .dylib files.?
> i am so curious to understand things behind it. is there any logic ClamV
> Internally using?
because it's not meant as library for 3rd party tools because it's 
internal signatures can change at every point in time, well, because 
it's not intended as public  interface?

when you provide something below /usr/lib[64]/ it's intended that it is 
used by third party software for linking and hence you have to maintain 
compatibility and versioning to not break them by remove unused 
functions or params or whatever breaks linked applications

this is *not* clamav specific and obvious

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