[clamav-users] ClamAV for EnterPrise

Groach groachmail-stopspammingme at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 16:52:04 EDT 2017

On 19/04/2017 20:23, Reindl Harald wrote:
> BTW: "Groach" is also a entry on my list of clueless idiots for a long 
> time and other than you and your friend Benny i do not depend on any 
> mailing list since i got my stuff together by RTFM and trial&error 
> long ago...

Interesting you define someone that uses mailing lists to find answers 
to questions as "clueless idiots".  Im sure all readers and users of 
this will really appreciate your judgement.

> show me 5 *really useful* repsones of you on any random mailing-list 

I cant. First, I dont do *random* mailing lists, I would only use 
carefully chosen ones I feel I need to indulge in and that are useful.  
Secondly, I dont use them to give advice.  Like most people, the only 
times I have ever subscribed to a mailing list (this and spamassassin) 
is (in the case of spamassassin) to ask a question because I didnt know 
the answer (about an SA rule), or, in the case of ClamAV, to complain 
about how it was ineffective and ask for withdrawal of a signature to 
rectify the damage it was doing to my and many others systems once.  I 
have occasionally given advice to others by advising them to employ 3rd 
party signatures with ClamAv to make it the hassle of implementing it 
worth their while. Other than that, my silence as a "clueless idiot" 
means I seem to know enough to be able to implement run and manage my 
systems quite well enough thanks.  Dont worry, though, when I run in to 
a problem or question I need answering I will be here asking.  (I dont 
mind being called a clueless idiot by you (Im glad you will be happy) as 
long as others give me the answers I look for).

Harald:  given that people asking questions are 'clueless idiots' and 
that you would rather them not take part in a mailing list until they 
know enough to not need to ask a question in the first place, perhaps 
you should think about how empty your life may be should you get your 
way.  1, what would the point of the mailing list be and 2, Who would 
you be able to complain about if no one was asking questions or looking 
for help?

(Its rhetorical - please dont reply.  And remember:  just press DELETE.)

Advice for readers (my clueless idiot contribution to the mailing list): 
ClamAV + Sane Signatures (or other 3rd Party sigs of choice) = a great 
solution.  (Dont forget the extra sigs).

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