[clamav-users] clamscan output

Noel Jones njones at megan.vbhcs.org
Sun Apr 23 14:20:46 EDT 2017

On 4/23/2017 10:20 AM, Lyle Holmes wrote:
> Probably simple to resolve. Clamscan sends the results of the daily scan
> in an email. Results similar to the one below for each directory in
> /home. Unfortunately clamscan is appending the new results to the prior
> day's results; making a ridiculously long email. I would like to
> overwrite the prior day's results. Not sure how/where to do this.
> Thanks. 
> ----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
> Known viruses: 6258909
> Engine version: 0.99.2
> Scanned directories: 324
> Scanned files: 3414
> Infected files: 0
> Data scanned: 152.86 MB
> Data read: 159.49 MB (ratio 0.96:1)
> Time: 128.806 sec (2 m 8 s) 

clamscan does not do daily scans, nor does clamscan send email.
Whatever custom script you're using for those functions is not part
of clam.

If you don't remember what you did to get this daily scan, start
with looking at your crontab to see what runs daily.

After you find your offending script, fix the script so it creates a
new file every day rather than appending to a file.

The fix is probably as easy as changing a '>>'  to a single '>', but
finding it is the challenge.  We can't help with that.

  -- Noel Jones

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