[clamav-users] No good deed goes unpunished, or, why CVD files don't work

Dennis Peterson dennispe at inetnw.com
Sat Dec 15 14:46:33 EST 2018

Things have changed a lot since Thomasz and Lucia were bearing the brunt of 
support, but other things change slowly.



On 12/15/18 10:32 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 15 December 2018 10:58:12 Micah Snyder (micasnyd) wrote:
>> I was actually wondering about this part too.  You would need quite a
>> few machines downstream of your local mirror to make up the difference
>> switching from cdiffs for each machine to CVD's, at least given the
>> current size of daily.cvd.  It probably is about time for us to fold
>> daily into main, and start fresh with a smaller daily.
>> I do want to say, since I'm not sure I've said it before, thank-you to
>> everyone who is making an effort to reduce bandwidth usage.  Despite
>> being a part of a huge corporation - we are an open source project
>> that doesn't have a subscription service or anything to make money for
>> the company.  As a result, we have very limited funds year to year and
>> your efforts do make a difference.  Thanks!
>> -Micah
> NP Micah. I am a firm believer in TANSTAAFL, and have wondered why you
> haven't gone to small annual fee to help pay for the bandwidth, but
> since A, its working flawlessly here, and B, its free, I only have my
> freshclam looking for updates 4x a day. So I am a very light load
> compared to some I've read saying they are updating at 30 minute
> intervals. Since it appears my ISP is also blocking stuff, I could go
> down to a daily check. Clamscan of incoming mail, my main usage here,
> has only resulted in a .25 megabyte viri/quarantine file in around 90
> days. Thats more than good enough for the girls I go with.
> Anyone, corporate or private, that is tapping your servers 48x a day, is
> flat out abusing the system IMNSHO. Thank you Micah and Cisco, for this
> service, I appreciate it.
>> On Dec 15, 2018, at 10:14 AM, J.R.
>> <themadbeaker at gmail.com<mailto:themadbeaker at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Third... Have you done a cost-benefit analysis? I know you said you
>> wanted to help reduce bandwidth, but when you are downloading the
>> entire daily.cvd file each time there is an update, that's currently a
>> little over 50MB each update. I downloaded the last 10 cdiff files and
>> they look to average about 15k... So by that math (I'm still drinking
>> my coffee this morning, so I could be wildly wrong)... You would need
>> to have over 3,333 machines to be saving any bandwidth...

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