[clamav-users] No good deed goes unpunished, or, why CVD files don't work

J.R. themadbeaker at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 16:26:34 EST 2018

First question hopefully someone from ClamAV can answer... When a new
cdiff is released, is a new daily.cvd also released at the same time?
I would assume so, but best to get this question answered clearly than
continue to speculate.

Second, I don't think doing a manual flush of the cached file after
uploading a new daily.cvd would hurt (since the file has been changed
anyhow), but it would be interesting to do some investigating to see
if there is any change on Paul's end if he still ends up seeing the
cached copy (which would then definitely point to an ISP issue) or if
the matter resolves itself.

As for comcast (or any ISP) tech support, simply request to be bumped
up to the next support tier / level. That usually gets you from a
person that is just repeating questions from a screen to an actual
individual with some technical knowledge of how their system works.
Also if you do find someone that knows their stuff, ask for their
direct # so you can contact them in the future if you have any other

As someone else mentioned, it doesn't really matter how many times
per-day freshclam is running, it's merely doing a small DNS query to
see if there is an update or not. No update = no file transfer. The
DNS query itself is probably less than 100 bytes.

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