[clamav-users] No good deed goes unpunished, or, why CVD files don't work

Paul Kosinski clamav-users at iment.com
Wed Dec 19 22:23:50 EST 2018

Whatever the TTL is, there's no reason to make the notification even
more out of date than it needs to be.

Suggestion: Whenever the ClamAV Team puts out an "important" update,
they should set the DNS TXT TTL low (and then raise it after a while).


On Wed, 19 Dec 2018 13:22:26 -0800
Dennis Peterson <dennispe at inetnw.com> wrote:

> The TTL of the TXT record is 30 minutes so unless you are directly
> polling one of the clamav.net dns servers you are going to get what
> ever is in your local NSCD cache.
> dp
> On 12/19/18 12:26 PM, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> >
> > snip
> >
> > They all do DNS TXT queries 3-5 times per hour, and *only* if that
> > says there are new CDIFFs do they invoke freshclam. As before, this
> > is all based on cron, and the times are staggered to avoid peaking.

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