[clamav-users] Problem with /usr/share/clamav/freshclam-sleep

Orion Poplawski orion at nwra.com
Mon Dec 31 21:38:04 EST 2018

On 12/30/18 7:24 PM, Bill Maidment wrote:
> Hi
> I have just updated clamav to 0.101.0 from EPEL and I got the following error.
> Maybe this is a one-off. Anyone else seeing this? Or do I have a configuration issue?
> Cheers
> Bill
> -----Original message-----
>> From:(Cron Daemon) <root at giggs2.maidment.me>
>> Sent: Monday 31st December 2018 12:21
>> To: Bill Maidment <bill at maidment.me>
>> Subject: Cron <root at giggs2> /usr/share/clamav/freshclam-sleep
>> *** Error in `/usr/bin/freshclam': double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x000055576db83f00 ***
>> ======= Backtrace: =========
>> /lib64/libc.so.6(+0x81489)[0x7f2259390489]

We've had one other report of such a crash after updating to 0.101.0 - 
but the user hadn't seen it since.  If you can get a backtrace with 
debug info that might be helpful.

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