[clamav-users] Using a file to list exclusions for on-demand search?

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sat Jan 6 10:00:07 UTC 2018

On Friday 05 January 2018 14:11:51 Andreas Schulze wrote:

> Am 04.01.2018 um 19:37 schrieb Paul B.:
> > Hi,
> > I just installed ClamAv on a desktop Linux machine. I would like to
> > set it up using aliases in the bashrc file, so I can do various
> > kinds of file and directory scans from the command line. Rather than
> > an unwieldy string of exclusions in the alias' command line, I would
> > like to have a file that lists exclusions, which Clam would
> > reference. I've seen mention of this ability, but not enough info to
> > get me started. I do not have the daemon installed, just ClamAv, and
> > FreshClam for updates.
> Hello Paul,
> you're not alone. see
> https://bugzilla.clamav.net/show_bug.cgi?id=12001 If others also
> thinks it's a useful feature, please document the use cases in that
> ticket.
> Andreas

That unfortunately requires I setup yet another account.
So I will post here, and if you think its worth adding to the bug report, 
please do so.

Amanda, the best backup suit of utils about, has this feature in the form 
of an exclude file, which can be unique to each client as they reside on 
the individual client. It looks something like this:

rock64 at rock64:/GenesAmandaHelper-0.61$ cat excludes

Where each of those lines is a directory not to be read and the contents 
incorporated into a backup. By anchoring it to the present directory it 
has cd'd to in its traversal of a machines contents, that directory and 
its subdirs are all skipped. In the above listing ./efi is a vfat 
filesystem mounted to a subdir of an ext4 filesystem. Tar will not 
switch filesystems, so that directory is backed up by a separate entry 
in the disklist with a profile that does not include the above file.

./media and ./sshnet are mountpoints that let me treat 7 machines as 
essentially one big filesystem for sharing code between machines. The 
rest are virtual memory filesystems that should never be part of a 
backup since they are created by the running systems.

Each disklist entry on the server machine can have its own 
backup "profile" and this profile stanza in amanda.conf is where the 
location of this excludes file is specified.

Simple, elegant, and it Just Works(TM). And its been that way for the 20 
years I have been backing up my stuff with amanda.

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