[clamav-users] Question about Clamav compressed file support

botnec botnec at gmx.de
Thu Jan 11 15:41:06 UTC 2018


I'm using a QNAP NAS server as destination for Acronis Tue Image backup 
The extension of these files is .tib. I did not find anything in the 
clam doc file about it.

Now my question is, how does ClamAV deal with these files ? Will they be 
and the contents checked anyway? I hope so because it takes some hours 
if ClamAV
checks the whole backup folder (2.5 TB). If this would be not the case, 
I possible do not
need to start the virus check procedure at all.
(btw. I'm using another virus checker on my PC anyway, I just thought to 
use CalmAV

Can anybody answer please ?

Thank you.


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