[clamav-users] URGENT: Clamd is wedged on multiple installations

Rajesh M 24x7server at 24x7server.net
Fri Jan 26 08:32:55 UTC 2018

yes all our servers are stuck

disabled official signatures

we have sanesecurity foxhole foxhole_all.cdb -- customized for our use which blocks all bad attachments 

it seems to work now.


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From: Reindl Harald [mailto:h.reindl at thelounge.net]
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Sent: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 09:22:14 +0100

Am 26.01.2018 um 09:19 schrieb Marco:
> Il 26/01/2018 09:00, Reindl Harald ha scritto:
>> freshclam and a custom script downloads anything to 
>> /var/lib/clamav-download and then for the two "/var/lib/clamav" and 
>> "/var/lib/clamav-sa" basend on file-lists hardlinks are set - from the 
>> official only "safebrowsing" is active
> We have the same problem: I confirm that without official signature 
> Clamav works!

looks like "freshclam" needs something like a downgrade option when bad 
signatures can lead to such a massive fuckup
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