[clamav-users] reduce memory footprint by removing some virus definitions on a low memory server

Al Varnell alvarnell at mac.com
Fri Jan 26 11:29:57 UTC 2018

Actually, Main is shown to have 4,566,249 signatures whereas daily only has 1,835,139 with my setup.

But those in Main are older and probably less likely to identify a current threat.


On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 02:46 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> I think it would be more logical to drop main.cvd and leave daily.cvd
> - daily.cvd contains more actual signatures.
> bytecode.cvd requires more CPU power - if you are low on CPU, you could skip
> that one too. If not, better keep that one.

Al Varnell
Mountain View, CA

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