[clamav-users] ClamAV® blog: ClamAV 0.99.3 has been released!

Dennis Peterson dennispe at inetnw.com
Sun Jan 28 02:35:59 UTC 2018

On 1/26/18 2:39 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Couldn't (old) 0.99.3 beta users just have ignored (new) 0.99.3? As far as I can tell, the beta had all the fixes.
> Assuming that is correct, I think better advice for beta users would be to do nothing now and update to 0.100 beta when it is available.
> Scott K
> _______________________________________________

Many businesses correctly disallow production use of beta software. Because it 
is policy and not necessarily logical even beta software that is byte-identical 
with the golden release is discouraged and the reason is a version query could 
report beta and set off a flag. That is not a fun thing to experience in large 
data centers.


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