[clamav-users] update report

Gary R. Schmidt grschmidt at acm.org
Sun Jul 1 02:17:41 EDT 2018

On 01/07/2018 10:22, Gene Heskett wrote:
> I'm still logging this about every other freshclam run:
> Sat Jun 30 18:49:53 2018 -> nonblock_connect: connect(): fd=4 errno=101:
> Network is unreachable
> Sat Jun 30 18:49:53 2018 -> Can't connect to port 80 of host
> db.us.clamav.net (IP: 2400:cb00:2048:1::6810:ba8a)
> And I've rm'd mirrors.dat several times.
Do you have an IPv6 network connection to the outside world?

That's what "2400:cb00:2048:1::6810:ba8a" is trying to do.

I noticed the same thing was happening with my freshclam, had a look at 
the configure options, reconfigured with "--disable-ipv6", rebuilt and 

No more noise.

		Gary	B-)

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