[clamav-users] We STILL cannot reliably get virus updates (since new mirrors)

Brian Morrison bdm at fenrir.org.uk
Mon Jul 2 13:07:42 EDT 2018

On Mon, 2 Jul 2018 10:26:34 +0200
Reindl Harald wrote:

> Am 02.07.2018 um 08:44 schrieb Bill Maidment:
> > Maybe these are dumb questions; if so, please ignore.
> > But doesn't it make more sense to update all the mirrors first,
> > before changing the DNS? Is there some mechanism to do it that way
> > round?  
> i wonder why all the linux distributions with update mirrors don't
> need that DNS theatre to start with....

Because the rate of updates is much less frequent, the more often you
need to check the higher the mirror load becomes. Much of this load is
telling people that there is no newer version...



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