[clamav-users] update report

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Mon Jul 2 13:56:55 EDT 2018

On Monday 02 July 2018 13:23:24 Reindl Harald wrote:

> Am 02.07.2018 um 19:20 schrieb Gene Heskett:
> >> And since that stuff did exist in my /etc/hosts file, I just stuck
> >> a # in front of all those, just for S&G of course. Watching log
> >> too. But its seems like an every other update run, and since I am
> >> not a paying/supporting customer, I only run it 2x daily. So the
> >> next run will be just about 0:50 local time.
> >
> > However, a network restart did not get rid of the ipv6 stuff in the
> > ifconfig lo report. ?????  /etc/network/interfaces is also clean of
> > any ipv6 stuffs. ?????
> sysctl.conf:
> net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1
> net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6=1
> sysctl -p
> ifconfig no longer shows any ipv6 stuff
> it's that easy

no its not, unless you know how. But lo no longer shows any ipv6 stuffs.

> but even on my setups which have this for years freshclam repetaly
> produces ipv6 crap-messages which is simpyl wrong

If thats the case, and I'll find out by this time tomorrow, then I can't 
help but agree, its a bug. Not a showstopper, but one to be swatted in 
the next upgrade for us folks out here in the ipv4 only puckerbrush.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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