[clamav-users] LibClamAV Warning: Bytcode 73 failed to run: Time limit reached

Tilman Schmidt tschmidt at cardtech.de
Fri Jul 6 04:34:59 EDT 2018

Just to let you know:
The daily messages have become too annoying so I cleared my Java cache
to get rid of the offending file.
Consequently I won't be available for testing a fix anymore, at least
until the problem reappears on some other file.

Am 25.06.2018 um 11:12 schrieb Tilman Schmidt:
> The problem still exists. All the messages turn out to be triggered by
> one single JAR file in the Java deployment cache:
> ~/.java/deployment/cache/6.0/6/41d72bc6-2cd5ef82: OK
> ~/.java/deployment/cache/6.0/6$ ls -l 41d72bc6-2cd5ef82
> -rw-rw-r-- 1 tschmidt tschmidt 6300341 Jun  8  2017 41d72bc6-2cd5ef82
> ~/.java/deployment/cache/6.0/6$ file 41d72bc6-2cd5ef82
> 41d72bc6-2cd5ef82: Java archive data (JAR)
> Any thoughts?
> Am 20.06.2018 um 10:41 schrieb Tilman Schmidt:
>> The last nightly ClamAV scan on one of my machines emitted a series of
>> error messages I'm not familiar with:
>> LibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: Bytecode run timed out, timeout flag set
>> LibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: recovered from error
>> LibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: JITed code intercepted runtime error!
>> LibClamAV Warning: Bytcode 73 failed to run: Time limit reached
>>                       ^
>>                     (sic!)
>> These four lines repeat 60 times, followed by the usual four instances
>> of my old friend Bug 12002:
>> LibClamAV Warning: Unsupported message format `http' - if you believe
>> this file contains a virus, submit it to www.clamav.net
>> The scan in question covers local user home directories on the machine.
>> Regrettably, no hint as to which specific files triggered these messages.
>> None of the new messages yield a hit in the ClamAV Bugzilla.
>> What are those messages trying to tell me?
>> Should I worry?
>> Is it worth the effort to bisect the scan to find an actual file whose
>> scan triggers the messages?
>> Thanks,
>> Tilman

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