[clamav-users] max file size & system damage

Rovan, Jim (IMS) RovanJ at imsweb.com
Mon Jul 9 17:59:46 EDT 2018

Hello, everyone.

I understand how I can increase the max file size for command line or clamd scanning. But I also see many references to possible severe system damage that could occur by scanning large files. The clamd.conf file explicitly warns against setting several limits too high. I have searched the FAQ, the documentation PDF, the list archive files, and have spent significant time on general internet searching; however, I can find no reference anywhere to what that damage could be other than increased risk of DDoS attacks being successful if email is being automatically scanned.

I have another solution for email scanning, so clamav would only be used for scanning individual files on the command line or via clamd with Python and Perl scripts. So what damage could occur other than resource consumption by the individual scans on larger files?  I've scanned files as large at 2GB with no issues whatsoever and I am just curious as to what the issues would be.




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