[clamav-users] PrivateMirror vs HTTPproxy

Paul Kosinski clamav-users at iment.com
Mon Jul 9 23:41:12 EDT 2018

For several years now, we've been using HTTPproxy to reduce the load on
the public ClamAV servers. We don't use Squid or anything general
purpose like that, but rather a simple-minded ClamAV-only server that
listens on a private port, only supports the HTTP that freshclam
actually uses to get the cvds, and pulls the files directly from the
master "share/clamav" subdirectory. (Now it also supports a variant of
the curl trick to retrieve the cvd version numbers.)

Since we don't do what's normally considered proxying, it would be more
elegant if we converted to using the PrivateMirror option. But for this
to be practical, we wouldn't want a full blown Web server, but just to
reuse our current pseudo-proxy. Thus using port 80 is out (since that
might conflict with "normal" port 80 use in the future).

I was unable to find anything in the documentation about what ports the
PrivateMirror option allows. Would this sort of thing be allowed?

  PrivateMirror  cvdserver.iment.local:44089

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