[clamav-users] On Access Scanning: Exclude files starting with a "."

Kretschmer, Jens kretschmer.jens at siemens.com
Wed Jul 18 07:47:55 EDT 2018


 is it possible to exclude files and folders starting with a "." when using on access scanning? We use the following configuration for on access scanning:

ScanOnAccess yes
OnAccessIncludePath /home/user1
OnAccessIncludePath /home/user2
OnAccessExtraScanning yes

I have tried the following configurations:

ExcludePath ^/home/user1/\.*
ExcludePath ^/home/user1/\..*
ExcludePath ^/home/user1/\.

(and many more that I don't remember) but they did not work. Even

ExcludePath .*

does not work, so I might be doing something else wrong.

By the way, is it possible to hide the messages

Jul 18 13:32:54 <redacted> clamd[7249]: ScanOnAccess: Performing additional scanning on file '/home/user1/.test11'

when OnAccessExtraScanning is enabled?

Best regards,

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