[clamav-users] I have no idea if my emails are getting through.

cryofruit at keemail.me cryofruit at keemail.me
Tue Jul 24 17:11:30 EDT 2018

Thank you very much, I was a little worried but now I'm sure everything is fine.
(I guess nobody wants to help me though, which somehow makes me worry even more!)
Haha... uhhh..
Well thanks again though, of course. I hope I am actually asking my question in the right place. I'm just trying to setup ClamAv on a windows10 os system with no internet connection but I'm too stupid to do that without a step by step list for dummies... I hope it's not too annoying If I repost my question every now and then and hope someone helps me. I really wonder why it's not easier to setup on windows, like all pre-packaged in an installer or something, latest version loaded with the latest virus signatures etc. I'm just too stupid to get this working.

>> I have no idea if my emails are getting through.

 by gheskett 

> They are arriving just fine, and since you seem to be subscribed via the 
> mailing list, you should be getting a copy back.  But I am not savvy 
> enough to advise you, so I didn't reply.

by Michael 

think they are also you can double check here      http://lists.clamav.net/pipermail/clamav-users/ <http://lists.clamav.net/pipermail/clamav-users/>


>> >     Can anyone help me? I thought this would be more simple, I just
>> > trust ClamAv more than most other antiviruses out there. I'm in some
>> > trouble, can't figure this out. Thanks.
>> >
>> >
>> > Subject: [clamav-users] Hey thanks, But I'm still clueless. (argghh
>> > sorry)
>> >
>> >>     You really seem to know what you're talking about and I really
>> >> appreciate your help in the last email, but I'm so so lost here.
>> >> I'm usually a little more used to linux and I was hoping you could
>> >> give me an exact step by step list of guided detailed instructions
>> >> for dummies if it's not too much trouble for you, perhaps something
>> >> like 1. do this
>> >> 2. do that
>> >> 3. do this
>> >> and sort of tell me exactly where things come from and where things
>> >> go and how to do them... I Know... and I'm sorry.
>> >>
>> >> What I suppose I will try to do is set up clamav portable version
>> >> in windows 10 and then just download the virus signatures (are
>> >> there official and unofficial ones just like on linux?) and then
>> >> just move them over to the needed computer and then run a full (all
>> >> encompassing scan) (however I would really like to know how to just
>> >> scan only one folder or directory if possible as well) the thing is
>> >> that I have no idea how to do this. I understand some of the things
>> >> you said in the previous email but it's like staring into the abyss
>> >> for me. I doubt I will ever figure this out without your help,
>> >> since there's no GUI (which I'm shocked isn't included honestly,
>> >> considering the inexperienced stereotype of the typical windows
>> >> user, not to insult those who don't fit into that stereotype- which
>> >> is ironic considering how much I fail just because I'm slightly
>> >> better at linux haha) (to be honest I've seen the linux gui
>> >> "ClamTK" and it's great, I don't know why that didn't become
>> >> popular, update button- scan where you want, all the features.)
>> >>
>> >> What I'm asking is embarrassingly silly, but I need you to explain
>> >> this to me as if I was just recovering from very minor head trauma
>> >> or I promise you this just isn't gonna happen for me... O_O  please
>> >> help!
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