[clamav-users] Strange Problem with a Virus inside a rar file

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Jul 26 07:59:50 EDT 2018

On 26.07.18 13:19, Tech wrote:
>Hi Steve,

I ain't Steve...

>i did the list check like you proposed i got an error telling me it 
>cannot open the file as archive:
>Error: doc04398120180626164812.rar: Can not open file as archive
>I also checked the archive with file which returned following:
>file doc04398120180626164812.rar
>doc04398120180626164812.rar: RAR archive data, v37, flags: Archive 
>volume, Commented, Solid, Authenticated,
>Any hints on how to check if the unrar library is installed correctly?

depends on yout OS/distro.
on debian gnu/linux you need libclamunrar* package installed, currently
libclamunrar7. It comes in non-free section.

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