[clamav-users] Db.cn was moved to CDN last night, and more CDN stuff

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at cisco.com
Sat May 19 08:51:38 EDT 2018

We are letting the traffic settle back down after the transfer of dB.cn.   

What we have discovered are there a ton of ClamAV installations that have not been able to update in a long time or are pointed at a dead mirror in the zone.  

When we transfer a zone to Cloudflare, (our CDN provider, please check them out!), within the hour, we immediately see a tremendous amount of traffic from installations that haven’t been able to update.  For instance, when we moved “cn” last night, we immediately saw 2TB worth of data transferred at once.  

We like to give new zones 12-24 hours for everyone’s crontab’s to have a chance to pull from CDN before we move another big zone.  

We also have seen a couple errors in certain installations, (we are working on a blog post).  If you are having problems updating from CDN (you can tell if your zone has been moved to CDN by doing a nslookup on your zone, and the resulting DNS response ends with “cloudflare.net”), please delete your mirrors.dat, and try again.  

Thanks for your patience.   This will make things so much better for our users.  

We are currently transferring about 20 TB a day in updates.   So we are seeing a tremendous amount of improvement.  

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