[clamav-users] Clam user has read permissions, but I still get "lstat() failed: Permission denied"

Doug Ingham dougti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 22:55:45 UTC 2018

 Sorry, for the delay in replying, and many thanks to those who did.

On Tue, 30 Oct 2018 at 19:08, Scott Kitterman <debian at kitterman.com> wrote:

> Did you explicitly remove Apparmor?  It's shipped by default in Ubuntu and
> the
> Ubuntu clamav has an Apparmor profile included.

That was exactly it! I was unaware of Apparmor now coming enabled by
default. It's the first time it's ever caused me any issues.

For anyone looking for a fix in the future, do the following:
1. Uncomment the local config include at the bottom of
2. Add the system paths clamd should have access to in
3. Reload the apparmor service

Many thanks for your help all!
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