[clamav-users] Information regarding Win.Downloader.DDECmdExec-6715271-0

Dominique Sarrazin dsarrazin at simplyvoting.com
Tue Nov 13 17:32:40 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,


On October 26th, ClamAV's signature database was updated with the addition
of Win.Downloader.DDECmdExec-6715271-0, for which I cannot find any
information despite my thorough research.


Since that update, ClamAV has reported that many tables in our MySQL are
susceptible to this vulnerability. I would simply like to know the details
of this vulnerability and how to identify it in our database.


Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!



Dominique Sarrazin
Senior Programmer
Simply Voting Inc.
dsarrazin at simplyvoting.com
1 (800) 585-9694 ext. 810


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