[clamav-users] ClamAV® blog: The ClamAV 0.101.0 release candidate is here!

Dennis Peterson dennispe at inetnw.com
Thu Nov 22 23:11:22 UTC 2018

Does this change how socket-connected clients (milters, for example) communicate?

On 11/19/18 11:40 AM, Joel Esler (jesler) wrote:
> # Changes to the libclamav API:
>   * Those who build applications around our shared library will need to change
>     how they declare and pass scanning options to libclamav. Please take a
>     look at the change to our example code for details.
>   * Scanning functions now have a filename argument. The argument is optional,
>     but improves the efficiency when parsing certain types that require a file
>     on disk to open and read, and will allow for additional improvements in
>     the future.
>   * Many of the scanning option #defines have changed. These can be found in
>     our clamav.h header.
>   * The libclamav version number has changed.
> # Some of the clamd config and clamscan command line option names have changed. 
> The original versions will still work for a time, but eventually they will be 
> deprecated. These options in question are detailed in the NEWS document.

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