[clamav-users] ClamAV mirrors have gotten worse!

Paul Kosinski clamav-users at iment.com
Fri Nov 23 04:51:34 UTC 2018

I was just looking at freshclam.conf.sample in 0.101.2, and it looks
like *all* logging is disabled by default  (back to 0.98.6, at least).
I wonder how many users of ClamAV actually log their freshclam updates.
Those who don't likely won't notice freshclam temporary failures due
to an out-of-sync condition.

Also, timestamps are a logging option which is separate, and disabled
by default. Thus even people who enable some logging may not see the
details of any delays. (I, personally, don't understand how logging
without timestamps is of much use.)

In any case, we do eventually get (hopefully all) the virus DB updates,
assuming at least one mirror remains enabled in mirrors.dat.

On Tue, 20 Nov 2018 22:39:44 +0000
"Joel Esler (jesler)" <jesler at cisco.com> wrote:

> It's possible.  But, unless there is a vocal minority that no one is
> chiming in about, you are the only person/group that I have heard
> complain about the issue...
> Millions of people are getting updates from Cloudflare a day, so
> something is working correctly, and there's been no configuration
> changes on our side.
> If you receive Cloudflare blocks then that's a different story.

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