[clamav-users] ClamAV mirrors have gotten worse!

Pierre Dehaen dehaenp at drever.be
Fri Nov 23 10:28:46 UTC 2018

> On 11/22/18 8:51 PM, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> I wonder how many users of ClamAV actually log their freshclam updates.
> Those who don't likely won't notice freshclam temporary failures due
> to an out-of-sync condition.

I do log and do analyze all logs on all servers everyday, sometimes every hour (a little script 
sends me an email if anything abnormal happens).

If you mean "Mirror not synchronized" messages, I've received some since 2016 (list 
attached) but there was no big issue excepted the recent problem with the "be" mirror, now 
fixed, that I submitted here. The logs show that the errors generally happen in a row, maybe 
some temporary issues on some servers?


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