[clamav-users] ClamAV: Local Private Mirror

J.R. themadbeaker at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 23:33:13 EDT 2019

> I think that's the intended purpose of the local private mirror in this case.

I realize that, but I believe in that person's case back the he was
doing a basic web server to re-distributed the full .cvd files (which
is what were getting stale). Whereas doing a proxy server (like squid)
would be more transparent and fetch the .cdiff files, which are always
unique each time there is an update.

> The only problem with the local mirrors, from our point of view are a couple things:
> 1. I don't know how many users we have
> 2. Out of those users, what versions they are running.

I vaguely remember a discussion a while back about ClamAV's anonymous
statistics got removed some time ago? Was there any plan to
re-implement? I think 3 different choices for the end-user would be
all you would need:

1. Don't Participate
2. Send anonymous version info.
3. Send #2 + daily viruses caught.

If you started getting feedback on which viruses were the most
frequent, then you could start publishing live statistics!

I would think you could do some basic calculations based on the
cloudflare data on how many clients are grabbing the updates, and also
use those IPs to determine country usage.

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