[clamav-users] ***Spam 3.041*** clamd using 100% CPU in Fedora 30 with sendmail & clamav-milter, : Probe for slot 1 returned: failed

J.R. themadbeaker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 10:45:39 EDT 2019

I just checked (again) today and SecuriteInfo.com doesn't support HTTP
compression when downloading its signatures...

Which is a shame because the files compress down to about 1/3-1/4
their original size.

Due to the semi-static nature of your files, you might want to have
pre-compressed copies on your server and you can do a little re-write
magic with Apache to have it serve those when possible instead of
compressing on-the-fly every time (and creating more server load than


On the positive side, you do have the 'Last-Modified' header so at
least a client isn't always re-downloading an unchanged file.

> new features : Add timestamp support (do not re-download not modified
> files, saves bandwidth) + wget and curl uses compression for the
> transfer (detected when supported, saves bandwidth)
> new datasource : Added SECURITEINFO securiteinfoold.hdb
> It is a good idea to upgrade this script on our systems.
> --
> Cordialement / Best regards,
> Arnaud Jacques
> Gérant de SecuriteInfo.com

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