[clamav-users] ***Spam 3.041*** clamd using 100% CPU in Fedora 30 with sendmail & clamav-milter, : Probe for slot 1 returned: failed

Arnaud Jacques webmaster at securiteinfo.com
Fri Aug 2 10:54:38 EDT 2019


Le 02/08/2019 à 16:45, J.R. via clamav-users a écrit :
> I just checked (again) today and SecuriteInfo.com doesn't support HTTP
> compression when downloading its signatures...

Yes, I know. It could be a future feature on our side. Not so easy to 
implement. It needs development.

> On the positive side, you do have the 'Last-Modified' header so at
> least a client isn't always re-downloading an unchanged file.

Fortunately, yes :)

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