[clamav-users] Distinction between x64 and x32 windows installers

Manna, Mohammed mohammed.manna at sap.com
Tue Aug 6 08:31:38 EDT 2019


This is my first question to ClamAV user list. I have a question regarding the installers (Portable and MSI) for windows.

I am trying to understand what's the best way to install an x64 portable on windows, since there is no step-wise guideline on the website. Am I supposed to stop my windows service, overwrite (except conf files) everything, and then restart the services? Or, is there any place I can look for step-wise instructions?

FYI - I looked into the following area for the instructions on how to upgrade (portable) ClamAV packages:


If I have missed it on the website, I sincerely apologise and would appreciate if people point me to the URL.

Also, I would like to state that for 0.101.3 version, the documentation is pointing to incorrect links. I was wondering if this was observed already.

Kindest Regards,

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