[clamav-users] Packaging ClamAV

Nick Howitt nick at howitts.co.uk
Mon Aug 12 07:33:52 EDT 2019

I am currently trying to help with packaging ClamAV for ClearOS, based 
on the EPEL and FC repos. One thing I have noticed is that they 
pre-package virus signatures which both makes the package large and the 
signatures are necessarily out of date as soon as they are packaged.

As clamd won't start without any signatures, I was wondering if it were 
possible to provide stub files for main.cvd, daily.cvd and bytecode.cvd 
so clamd can successfully start  while, at the same time, firing off a 
"freshclam" on installation to get new signatures.

If this is not possible, what other strategies are available to package 
ClamAV without signatures but automatically start clamd on installation?



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