[clamav-users] Can't download definitions

Dora Smith villandra at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 09:34:04 EDT 2019

Yes, that's pretty much what I did.

The instructions on your web page literally just say to uncomment some 
stuff, and here is what is "most popular".

All that book of excess instructions needed to get the thing to work and 
you can't even be specific.  And from what I saw the other configuration 
file that also had to be edited wasn't mentioned at all, not that it 
wouldn't be easy to miss.


On 8/18/19 7:57 AM, J.R. via clamav-users wrote:
> Dora,
> It looks like you went through the freshclam.conf and just uncommented
> a bunch of things without knowing what they were for and setting the
> variable correctly for the custom options.
> Like Al said, you need to comment the line with the ExtraDatabase, but
> there are also a couple others I see right off the bat you probably
> need to comment out too that could cause issues...
> Debug = "yes"
> OnUpdateExecute = "command"
> ExtraDatabase = "dbname1", "dbname2"
> You would probably be better off simply using the stock configs from
> when you install the package(s), there really is no need to make any
> changes for normal scanning.
> If Ubuntu's packages are outdated, then you need to contact their
> package maintainer, the clamav people have no control over that.
> However, many distro's are running 0.100 branch due to some
> incompatible changes that 0.101 branch has in regards to 3rd party
> integration. For all practical purposes, there is no difference in
> scanning ability between the two branches, they use the same virus
> definition files, you will get the same results. Yes, freshclam will
> give a warning but it can be safely ignored. Some distros have even
> backported certain changes into their 0.100 builds, you would have to
> read the package's changelog to see exactly.
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