[clamav-users] Scanning on Mac without installation

G.W. Haywood clamav at jubileegroup.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 13:07:06 EDT 2019

Hi there,

On Fri, 23 Aug 2019, Dexter Rivera via clamav-users wrote:
> On 8/22/19, 9:19 AM, "Eric Tykwinski" <eric-list at truenet.com> wrote:
>> ...
>> Something like ansible?
>> Use ansible's homebrew module to install ClamAV, run a scan, than use the module again to uninstall.
> That's exactly the scenario I'd like to have. ...

I'd be interested to know why you don't want ClamAV to be installed on
the Macs themselves.  Here's just a note of caution: if you don't keep
the malware databases installed on the machines, then, every time you
want to scan one, you'll need to send something on the order of half a
gigabyte of data to it before you start a scan.  It doesn't scale well.

ClamAV goes to great lengths to minimize the amount of data transfer
needed to keep the malware databases up to date, and you'll be taking
no advantage of those efficiencies if you remove them after each scan.



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