[clamav-users] Disable official database

Kees Theunissen kees.theunissen at xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 24 23:12:50 EDT 2019

On Sat, 24 Aug 2019, azurit at pobox.sk wrote:

> Hi,
> is it possible to disable official virus database? I would like to use only
> custom database. Thanks for info.

Before I retired nearly a year ago I ran for several years an instance
of clamd on the incoming mail servers at work that should only detect
macro's in office files. These macro's are detected by build-in
heuristics in clamd so I didn't need virus databases at all for these
clamd instances but I didn't want to run clamd in the ultimate edge
case using no databases. (I didn't even test if I could start clamd
without databases.)

I created a database dirctory containing only a custom database with a
single definition to detect the "eicar-virus". I created a customized
clamd config file pointing to this nearly empty database dirctory.
And I started these instances of clamd with the commandline option to
use this customized config file. The overhead involved with using
a single -actually not needed- eicar definition was acceptable to me.

So yes, at that time, it was possible to run at least clamd without
the official virus database. I only used this with clamd, not with
clamscan. And I didn't test this with the current clamav version.



Kees Theunissen
Email: kees.theunissen at xs4all.nl

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