[clamav-users] How to boost clamav? Reloading database results in a talking timeout?

G.W. Haywood clamav at jubileegroup.co.uk
Sat Aug 31 14:35:20 EDT 2019

Hi there,

On Sat, 31 Aug 2019, J.R. via clamav-users wrote:

> ...
> I wouldn't call the current design a "bug"... It works as intended.


> However it would be nice if a fresh DB could be parsed & loaded, then
> swapped, to prevent service interruption.

That's exactly what the patch in #10979 does.  Unfortunately, although
as I've said it's simple enough to apply the patch, it's by no means a
simple patch and it would greatly benefit from some serious testing by
the community - especially by people who see higher volumes of mail
than I do.

Perhaps we should call it "crowd-sourcing"?  Would that be better? :)



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