[clamav-users] Qnap

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Jan 30 12:38:28 EST 2019

On 30.01.19 11:46, Joel Esler (jesler) wrote:
>I’ve suddenly started receive a lot of emails from Qnap users saying they can’t update ClamAV anymore.  Anyone have a Qnap system that is technically inclined that can help me troubleshoot?

seems they have fscked up their new firmware version:


Since recent firmware updates, the ClamAV Antivirus fails to update due to 700+ clamav.net entries in /etc/hosts, all set to e.g. bugs.clamav.net current.cvd.clamav.net database.clamav.net db.local.clamav.net update.nai.com db.ac.clamav.net db.ac.ipv6.clamav.net db.ac.big.clamav.net

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