[clamav-users] Any way to auto-update Clam engine (freshclam or any other tools)

SCOTT PACKARD Scott.Packard at raytheon.com
Tue Mar 12 09:29:52 EDT 2019

> I'm on Solaris 10 x86 : we disabled compilers as part of our OS hardening;
much appreciated if someone can help me make/compile one for our OS.
So far I can't locate any 0.101.1 for Solaris 10 x86,  only for RHEL/Windows.

Well, I'll point you to unixpackages.com.
You pay a subscription fee, they compile packages for you.
Easy to say who the source is from too, for your compliance auditor.
Once you're paid up you can request they build a newer version of ClamAV
(they're on 0.100.2 currently).
They provide just a libgcc package, to keep the whole gcc compiler off the host.
In total, you need 21 packages installed in order to satisfy all the dependencies.

Regards, Scott Packard

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