[clamav-users] Detection as PUA.Andr.Trojan.Generic-6878612-0

Mark Foley mfoley at novatec-inc.com
Wed Mar 13 07:32:59 EDT 2019

On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:26:06 +0100 vamp898 wrote:
> Hi there,
> since a few days we get a _lot_ detections for 
> PUA.Andr.Trojan.Generic-6878612-0
> Office Documents, ZIP Docuemnts, JPEG Images (containing nothing as 
> JPEG) are all more and more detected at this type. Not all of them but 
> way too much to see a real pattern what the actual issue is :(
> Is that something known?

Yes, I'm having the same issue.  Several hundred emails in IMAP folder are FOUND
with this PUA.  Many of these messages are one or more years old, many of the
emails are generated from with my office and are unlikely to contain malware. 

I'm wondering how legit this is and whether to actually go through and remove
hundreds of message from user's mail folder or to set .ign2 to ignore this


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