[clamav-users] Database updated over unencrypted connection?

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Le 15/03/2019 à 16:04, instaham--- via clamav-users a écrit :
> Leonardo Rodrigues wrote:
>>     the databases are digitally signed, and any modification, such in
>> a man-in-the-middle attack, would break the signature and freshclam
>> would refuse to run the files.
> Sounds good. Can you please explain how this works in detail?
> Apt places GPG keys in the system and uses them to verify downloaded 
> data.
> It doesn't seem that ClamAV placed any GPG keys in my system. So how 
> is the verification happening?

Read on 
https://lists.clamav.net/pipermail/clamav-users/2018-October/007053.html :


The .cvd files have an internal cryptographic signature that's
checked by freshclam and clamd/clamscan.  If freshclam and/or clamd
accepts the files, you can be assured they are official and
unmodified.  This is built into clam; no external tools are called.


Btw, it is working for official signatures. 3rd party signatures provide 
hash based checksum files.

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