[clamav-users] Upgrade ClamAV on Mac Problem

CL CL at mac-email.net
Mon Mar 18 03:46:10 EDT 2019


I run a Mac OSX server – High Sierra.


I noticed in my anti virus log that there was a new version of Clam AV:


WARNING: Local version: 0.99.2 Recommended version: 0.101.1


I followed these instructions exactly and didn’t have any problems:




HOWEVER, whenever I start my mail server on OSX and look at the log file


It is still running version 0.99.2 and isn’t finding 0.101.1


The new install is in /usr/local/cellar/clamAV

And the old install appears to be under /library/server/mail/scanner or something like that.


What am I missing?


What config file is pointing to the old install vs the new install?    


How/what do I change?


Thank you for your help.






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