[clamav-users] Slow reload

Arnaud Jacques webmaster at securiteinfo.com
Wed Mar 20 02:57:30 EDT 2019

Hello Bowie,

> I did a check on the SecuriteInfo signatures.  I grepped my clamd logs for hits on
> SecuriteInfo signatures and then matched them to the file they came from.
> #1 was spam_marketing.ndb with 110 hits
> #2 was javascript.ndb with 10 hits
> And that was it.  securiteinfo.hdb, securiteinfohtml.hdb, and securiteinfoascii.hdb
> did not produce a single hit on my system in the past year.  Unfortunately, removing
> those signatures does not have much of an effect on the reload times.
Do you have Professional subscription ?
If no : you'll have many more hits if you have Professional subscription.
If yes : you forget some important databases to get more hits. Please 
login to you account.

Anyway, here are sorted loading time on my system (Intel i7-6700 CPU) 
using time clamscan -d :

securiteinfo0hour.hdb : 0.021s
securiteinfo.mdb : 0.033s
securiteinfopdf.hdb : 0.047s
securiteinfohtml.hdb : 0.076s
securiteinfoascii.hdb : 0.163s
securiteinfoandroid.hdb : 0.214s
spam_marketing.ndb : 0.332s
securiteinfo.hdb : 0.894s
securiteinfoold.hdb : 6.801s
javascript.ndb : 21.133s

An antivirus is like any other software : it has minimum requirements.
Every years, it is dozen of thousands malwares in the wild. If we want 
to detect all of them, we have to include them in antivirus databases.
That's why I recommend to get a *fast* CPU and a lot of RAM, because it 
still growing past years !
In my opinion it is a bad idea to run clamAV+our provided databases 
signatures on low performance CPU (VMs, embeeded systems, old hardware, ...)

Could you please tell us the CPU you use ?

Cordialement / Best regards,

Arnaud Jacques
Gérant de SecuriteInfo.com

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