[clamav-users] Slow reload

Bowie Bailey Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com
Wed Mar 20 09:46:39 EDT 2019

On 3/20/2019 2:57 AM, Arnaud Jacques wrote:
> Hello Bowie,
>> I did a check on the SecuriteInfo signatures.  I grepped my clamd logs for hits on
>> SecuriteInfo signatures and then matched them to the file they came from.
>> #1 was spam_marketing.ndb with 110 hits
>> #2 was javascript.ndb with 10 hits
>> And that was it.  securiteinfo.hdb, securiteinfohtml.hdb, and securiteinfoascii.hdb
>> did not produce a single hit on my system in the past year.  Unfortunately, removing
>> those signatures does not have much of an effect on the reload times.
> Do you have Professional subscription ?
> If no : you'll have many more hits if you have Professional subscription.
> If yes : you forget some important databases to get more hits. Please login to you
> account.
> Anyway, here are sorted loading time on my system (Intel i7-6700 CPU) using time
> clamscan -d :
> securiteinfo0hour.hdb : 0.021s
> securiteinfo.mdb : 0.033s
> securiteinfopdf.hdb : 0.047s
> securiteinfohtml.hdb : 0.076s
> securiteinfoascii.hdb : 0.163s
> securiteinfoandroid.hdb : 0.214s
> spam_marketing.ndb : 0.332s
> securiteinfo.hdb : 0.894s
> securiteinfoold.hdb : 6.801s
> javascript.ndb : 21.133s
> An antivirus is like any other software : it has minimum requirements.
> Every years, it is dozen of thousands malwares in the wild. If we want to detect
> all of them, we have to include them in antivirus databases.
> That's why I recommend to get a *fast* CPU and a lot of RAM, because it still
> growing past years !
> In my opinion it is a bad idea to run clamAV+our provided databases signatures on
> low performance CPU (VMs, embeeded systems, old hardware, ...)
> Could you please tell us the CPU you use ?

No, I don't have a subscription.

My system is a bit old.  It's running a quad-core Xeon 3Ghz with 4G of RAM.  The RAM
doesn't seem to be an issue, just the slow loading due to the CPU.  It scans a bit
slow as well, but that's not an issue since we don't have a high email volume.


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