[clamav-users] Are signatures for Windows only?

Graeme Fowler G.E.Fowler at lboro.ac.uk
Tue Mar 26 04:28:25 EDT 2019

Have emailed you off-list.


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Subject: Re: [clamav-users] Are signatures for Windows only?

That’s super interesting.  I’d be interested in what the 6500 signatures were.  Just for a real world “what are you seeing” conversation.

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> On Mar 25, 2019, at 18:07, Graeme Fowler via clamav-users <clamav-users at lists.clamav.net> wrote:
> *decloaks*
> We (Loughborough University) use ClamAV on our inbound and outbound mail servers, in front of and after Office 365 mailboxes. It sits in the middle of a fairly complex set of moving parts - another AV product, DNS blacklists, file hash checks, local 'reputation', several anti-spam tools and a load of custom local config (we're an Exim shop so have almost infinite flexibility).
> We have a number of 'unofficial' databases loaded - some Sanesecurity ones as others have mentioned - and some custom local stuff that doesn't fit into the other bits.
> Picking a random recent day, we had 135000 rejections, 6500 of which were from ClamAV. By comparison, we accepted & delivered 25000 messages to 66000 recipients (non-unique).
> I know we're not unique in this regard, and I'm thankful ClamAV exists for many reasons, not least its extensibility!
> Graeme
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> Actually, from what we understand, ClamAV is mostly used to scan email.
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>> On Mar 25, 2019, at 12:22, G.W. Haywood via clamav-users <clamav-users at lists.clamav.net> wrote:
>> Although we share files with Windows platforms we really
>> only use ClamAV to scan mail.  I guess we're as untypical of a ClamAV
>> user as you'll get.
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