[clamav-users] Are signatures for Windows only?

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) micasnyd at cisco.com
Tue Mar 26 11:28:43 EDT 2019

It's nice to hear that others are interested in the detection stats feature.
It is a very high priority for us, though we have a couple other high priorities we're tackling first.

We had hoped to re-implement it for 0.102.  I'm still crossing my fingers that we can get it done, but we've lost a lot of time working on improving ClamAV code quality and security.  


Micah Snyder
ClamAV Development
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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    > That’s super interesting.  I’d be interested in what the
    > 6500 signatures were.  Just for a real world “what are
    > you seeing” conversation.
    Any update on when ClamAV might be re-implementing the ability to
    submit detection stats?
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